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At some point it was just me and JP in a garage. Now it's the most incredible team of talented and passionate individuals we can work with. From the account manager in the planning stages, to the producers, to the writers, to the designers; there is love in what we do, and the results reflect on that.

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Our Mission
Bring high-quality advertising services to small and medium-sized businesses by leveraging scale and smart strategies.
Our Vision
The advertising services that are required to grow businesses should be accessible to everyone. No matter who you are; your story matters, and it must be told right. Without breaking the bank of course.

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From the beginning we knew that our goal was to share your story, your image, your vision. For every business the small details matter and the right promotions have a major impact. We have gathered a talented team focused on sharing your brand with the world. The team works with a broad array of services designed to create the brand recognition and awareness that sets business and products apart. Designing campaigns tailored for each individual and their goals, from a simple logo to a full marketing campaign, we make it happen.

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Our Story:

Our company, like many, had very humble beginnings. Started with just two guys, Jose Perez and Damian Fuentes. Damian had an act for graphic design and was studying marketing, Jose was good behind the camera and studied business administration. Together they worked a part time job at a local business but soon they realized that their talents were better used on other places. 

It all started by making small video commercials for the restaurant they worked at. At first the videos were recorded on a phone and edited on a five year old computer, but soon they started honing their craft and the kids recoding on a phone turned to men filming on a set. To them it was their hobby, their passion, what they loved, something they would do for fun, never expecting it to turn into a career they kept producing brilliant videos that wowed audiences. They started to manage the media accounts for the restaurant, they learned how to get businesses to traction and get more followers and keep them engaged, creating content that people would talk about for weeks and months. Slowly they were developing the individual pillars of what later on became, “Creative Image”.

Still treating it as a hobby, the guys had worked the image of that business to be exactly what the owners wanted it to be. It wasn’t just videos and social media, they were creating banners, building a stunning website, developing ad campaigns and managing them so that the results would be better than expected. That is the moment when another client came knocking on their doors. After seeing what they had done for the restaurant, another local business wanted to give the boys a chance to take care of the marketing for him. They didn’t expect this business opportunity but when they got it they realized that their dreams were staring at them right in the face, something that seemed impossible was now attainable. They took the leap of faith, left school and dedicated all of their time and energy to perfecting their craft and growing their clients. 

It was going really well for them, they knew how to market businesses so well, the value of the two businesses they worked with grew so much the owners decided to sell. The new owners didn’t understand why they needed marketing if the business was doing well so they stopped working with the guys. At the time Damian and Jose did work with other companies but the work there wasn’t a lot, it wasn’t enough to pay their bills, so they had to do something. Instead of going back to school and getting a job they understood that they had something good going on, so they decided to keep moving forward. 

Creative Image was registered. They picked up their phones and called every business on google maps, then went door to door, business to business for a month, getting clients here and there, slowly building a stronger and stronger clientele. Working tirelessly for months the company started taking shape, hiring web developers, graphic designers, SEO writers, copywriters, putting teams together to produce content for the clients. Slowly the capabilities of the company grew, the two founders took their time to teach everyone that was hired the hard work and values that took the company from nothing to where it is. 

Those values took the company really far, welcoming of every business, no matter if small or large, the Creative Image loves to make success stories, they provide services that help businesses go further than they ever imagine. The beauty of it is that at its core, the company is filled with people who appreciate the opportunity to do what love, and that passion translates to their work, making it incredibly powerful. And as the team loves to say, Creative Image is all about “Driving your vision forward”.

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