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The medium chosen 100% depends on the message and who we are speaking to. Today there are so many options people have in how they consume media, it is incredibly important to choose the medium that hits your specific target. The most effective campaigns today figure out a way to engage the audience by meshing your message into the actual content that the target audience is consuming.

Buyers use their knowledge of the marketplace and stations as a starting point. While it’s possible to negotiate on any number of relevant criteria, most buyers concentrate their efforts on individual program areas they believe will be the most useful.The first thing to take into consideration is audience delivery, which is stated in terms of Ratings and Impressions. They’re both units of measurement:Ratings: audience as a percentage of a given population (such as Adults 18-49 or Households). A 3 rated spot delivers an audience equivalent to 3% of the A18-49 population in your market. Cost-per-point is the efficiency measurement (cost to reach 1% of your prospects).Because ratings are based on population, a 3 rating in a major market like Los Angeles or Dallas delivers far more audience than a 3 rating in a small market, such as Zanesville, OH.
Impressions: persons in your target audience who see or hear an advertising message. These are usually expressed in thousands. An impression of 3 would deliver 3,000 exposures to an advertising message. Cost-per-thousand is the efficiency measurement (cost to reach 1,000 prospects).
Additionally, buyers often have access to syndicated research that provides cost estimates for standard demographic targets across all measured markets. Buyers also use their own past experience as to CPP (cost per point) and CPM (cost per thousand). They may have separate criteria for different dayparts (parts of the broadcast day), or one over-all goal. Regardless of what metric they are using, it is based on delivering a certain amount of audience for a specified cost. For example, 100 Ratings Points x 200 CPP=Budget of $20,000; 1,000 impressions x 3.27 CPM = $3,270.Using audience delivery as a basis, the buyer gets the station(s) to agree on a price for a particular program, daypart, or overall buy that allows them to achieve the objectives set for the buy. In upcoming posts, I will go into negotiation tactics and strategies in more detail, but this gives an idea of what the process involves.

An ad buy is your order for advertising space with a media company. Media buying refers to the purchase of advertising inventory in all forms of media. We buy Traditional Media like TV, radio, buses, billboards, and print. We also purchase Digital Media like Programmatic Display, which includes Remarketing and Prospecting, social, display ads, mobile ads, Connected and Programmatic TV, OTT, and Programmatic Video.

A Media Buyer is a professional planner of advertising budgets. Skilled at knowing how to reach demographics efficiently and effectively, a Media Buyer will take your ad dollars and make them work harder and smarter. Akin to a financial advisor who would help you determine how to invest your retirement savings. Our unbiased buying service plans your advertising budget allocation, executes your media order, and manages the ad purchase to ensure your media purchase’s proper delivery.

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