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We focus on businesses that understand that SEO is an effective way of growing the business when executed right. Our SEO plans offer a comprehensive strategy that allows everyone to be successful within the boundaries of their industry and campaign.

Instead of a one size fits all approach to SEO, the Creative Image Team focuses on optimizing the SEO plan in order to reach your specific goals and objectives. We maintain all workflows in house in order to keep SEO costs low and provide a high return on investments for all our clients.

Companies start to see the result of SEO within 4-6 months. Whatever results you’re getting at 6 months should be considerably less than what you’re getting at 12 months

Paying for links is against search engines policies. However our backlinks acquisition process is one that search engines appreciate and encourage. Here is why: 

Search engines are in the business of providing information to those looking for it. Our link building strategy revolves around us providing publishers, blogs, and other websites with quality content and in return they provide a backlink to our clients website. By providing quality content online search engines gain valuable information to show in search results. The win win win scenario works and allows us to consistently use the most powerful SEO technique organically.

Compared to marketing strategies like Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads and Media, SEO has a lasting impact on the traffic to your business. On a PPC strategy when you stop paying for the clicks the traffic goes away, whereas SEO brings you sustainable organic traffic, allowing you to enjoy the results of the investment over the long run. The con with SEO is that it’s not a switch that you turn on and get instant traffic, it takes time to develop and bring significant traffic to your site.

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