Social Media Management

Harness the power of strong social media presence

How To Drive Engagement?

It's Not Just About Posting

Understand Your Audience

Constantly Produce The BEST Content

1. AB Testing

conduct experiments to determined the likes and dislikes of our audience

2. Post

develop and upload content based on data

3. Increase Engagement

by creating great content our followers will interact more with the brand

4. Increase Audience

With higher engagement, our audience will increase and change tastes, so we go to the testing phase again

We go though those 4 stages as a growth loop

Our managed programs are backed up by a powerful AI

Gain Extreme Organic Traffic To Instagram


Specify Instagram competitors, influencers, hashtags or locations you’d like to target. We create a pool of statistically compatible followers who are most likely to be interested in your profile.


Our AI acts just like a human user and likes posts, follows/unfollows users and watches stories of relevant followers on your behalf.
This increases your exposure to new and real users daily.


By engaging with people who follow profiles similar to yours, in return people then like, comment, and follow you back.

Social Media Management

Included with every program.

Choose your plan

IG Entry

$ 500
Per Month
  • Instagram AI
  • 15 Posts
  • Custom Media
  • Monthly Reports


$ 850
Per Month
  • Instagram AI
  • 2 Managed Platforms
  • 30 Posts
  • Custom Media
  • Monthly Reports


$ 1200
Per Month
  • Instagram AI
  • 3 Managed Platforms
  • 45 Posts
  • Custom Media
  • Monthly Reports


$ 1550
Per Month
  • Instagram AI
  • 4 Managed Platforms
  • 60 Posts
  • Custom Media
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Reputation Management

Growth Focused

$ 1900
Per Month
  • Instagram AI
  • 5 Managed Platforms
  • 75 Posts
  • Custom Media
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Reputation Management
  • Branding Consultant


Most frequent questions and answers

If your customers use the internet, we tend to think so! No matter the business, our expertise lies in our ability to understand your business, find and grow you a targeted following.

Definitely. Every day we improve the social accounts of businesses like yours and connect them with hundreds of thousands of people most likely to convert.

Getting the right message in front of the right audience is what all marketing is supposed to do, and social media might work for you. It’s not for every business, but you should learn if it’s right for you.

In some cases, not using social media marketing can actually harm a business by either not offering social proof by having optimized accounts, or mismanagement of information.

In 2019, the average social media user spent around 1 hour and 15 minutes per day on social media. eMarketer predicts that this average will increase by 8.8% in 2020 due to social distancing and people spending more time indoors during the pandemic. So we can expect that social media users will spend around 1 hour and 22 minutes on average using social media every day.

While Instagram once held this coveted position, the platform’s growth has tapered off for a while. In fact, its US user growth rate dropped to 6.7% in 2019. Meanwhile, TikTok saw a 97.5% increase in its US user base. Granted, these numbers will decline as the hype dies down, projections still show that the platform will continue to see a double-digit growth rate in the coming years.

While the natural assumption is that you should be on all the popular platforms, this can be counterproductive if not executed with a strategy. Instead, focus on a couple of platforms that are highly popular among your target audience. So the best platforms to use will vary for each business. 

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