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Most frequent questions and answers

Your project will start off with Kick-Off meeting. This is where you meet your Account Manager, Content Director, and Designer(s). At this meeting, you’ll talk through the scope of work, goals, and have an in-depth design discussion.
After the Kick-Off meeting your Designer will begin work – either a logo, mood board or homepage. From there, we will work through the design of the site before gathering content.
Our Content Director will guide you through the content gathering process based off of your designs. Next, we’ll conduct an SEO Audit and go through the results with your team.
After 80% of your content is gathered and designs are approved, we’ll begin development.
Once your site is developed, we will train your team on how to update your new website! After you’ve been trained, we will set a launch window for your website.
After launch, we’ll work with you to optimize your digital marketing strategy and grow your business. 

The cost depends on the amount of time used to design and custom develop your project. We offer business-specific products to help keep the cost as minimal as possible, but custom design and/or development work is billed accordingly. We’re happy to figure out the best plan to make your website work for you!

We build all of our websites on a Content Management System, also known as a CMS. This allows you to make updates to your site without having to know any sort of coding language. 

Depending on your business needs, we will make a recommendation for what will fit your needs best. Most of our clients tend to have websites built on WordPress or Webflow because it’s a powerful yet extremely easy to use platform for our users. It ties in with many eCommerce systems as well to give you a full marketing platform.

Your launch date will depend on the complexity of your website. Our usual turnaround is between 2-6 months, depending on our client’s ability to provide feedback, content, and the overall complexity of the build. 

If you have a specific launch date in mind, your Account Manager will be happy to work with you in setting up a timeline to achieve it. 

All of our sites are built with best practices and without bloated code, optimizing it for Search Engines. We also like to include SEO Audits in all of our website projects. 

An SEO Audit consists of looking at your current keywords, SEO, and PPC strategy and seeing where you can improve based on traffic and content quality. The audit provides a plethora of information as well as installation onto your website and recommendations for strategy moving forward. 

Our Support Team is available to you through a 24/7 ticketing system as well as our phone from 8 am to 6 pm ETC. If there is something wrong with the infrastructure of your site or there is a needed software update, we will always make those changes as quickly as possible. We will do our best to help with questions about the site, share how to make small changes, and etc. For larger change items, our Support Team can walk you through the different design and development options that can be work ordered. 

Yes! Depending on the specifics of the project our team of writers will create all of the content for your website. 

It goes without saying that in this day and age, a well-built website is a must.  More and more of the day to day interactions between businesses and consumers rely on a website’s use. I don’t think it’s necessary to go over all of the benefits of a website today. Let’s talk about our web development services.

Creative Image will develop, host, maintain and run your website. The first step is to talk about the goal of the website. What is it that you want this website to accomplish? Bring more clients? Provide information to customers? An online store?  After the website’s objective has been determined, we can take a look at what it is that you would like this website to look like, what the design language represents the image you want. Once that’s been determined, we can discuss features; what are the things that the website has to do? How does it interact with the visitor? The good thing about our team is that they will work with you and keep you as involved as you would like to be; if you provide the name, we take care of the rest, and if you tell us what you like and you don’t like every step of the way, we will make sure the result is one that satisfies you.

Once our quick meeting to discuss the website is done, we start working on a team of web developers and UX designers who will get together and make something wonderful for you. With stunning visual effects, extremely intuitive design, rich features, and great content to engage with the sites’ visitors. You will have an amazing website to show off your business just the way you want it.

Our services for the web extend beyond that; our websites’ capabilities are incredible; they help you connect with the customer, keep them in the loop, and come back.

Our web development team can work together with our other services to provide a full experience for your customer. Integrating services like Instagram, Tweeter, Facebook, YouTube, mail advertising campaigns, and more.

Our team also provides SEO content (Search Engine Optimization), which some may call the science of ranking at the top of searches. Websites with great SEO tend to attract clients organically and bring in the target consumer with ease. This is a tremendous advantage and is key to success in the online world. Our SEO experts will also keep track of the day-to-day trends globally and a lot of other technical things that may sound complicated and boring but result in increased traffic on your website.

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